Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rust Repair Part III

Some more metal cutting yesterday. The rust on the bottom of the bed frame is pretty much all just surface with the exception of the area immediately aft of the locker and right above the fuel filler. The box section above the fuel area has full thickness rust and it can be seen quite clearly in the photo. This necesitated the removal of the body metal at the fuel filler. I cut away the metal very carefully here. I'll be able to graft the metal from around the filler back in when I put this all back together.

I'll be cutting this rust all out and rebuilding the box. I will however add in drain holes that will allow any water to drain out and finally exit at the factory drains near the outer bushing of the trailing arm.

Before this gets closed up, all seams will be filled, everything will get POR15 and a complete coating of bedliner under the bed on all surfaces.(!!)

The "hole":
Starting to attack the fender with much to be done here as well:

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