Friday, July 24, 2009

Work to Date

NOT my engine, but I wanted to put this up anyways. This is how it looks when it's really done right. Neighbour and VW guru Kobylan (see The Samba) did this one in an 86 Westy. In the process, creating a minor spike in the trading price of zinc.

I thought I'd better list out the work I've done on the truck up to this time. The project is quite a bit older than this blog and so to catch up things up I'll include a summary of the work I've done.

1) The engine tune and engine bay clean-up. Including painting of bay, alternator, water pump, distributor, and powdercoating of coolant crossover pipe. Replacement of all metal coolant pipes and some rubber hoses. All clamps replaced with stainless. New filters, distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires. Throttle body throat recontoured, idle switch repaired and shaft shimmed. New temp sensors and oil pressure senders, ground strap, and belt. Stainless hardware where possible. New Oil pump, 5W50 Synthetic added. New engine mounts. Fuel pump isolators changed, fuel pump brackets sanded and rust-painted. Fuel lines changed and all new fuel line clamps and injector seals. New intake manifold boots, clamps, gaskets and runners painted. Zinc plated coolant tank bracket installed (thanks, Doug). Replacement ECU from donor van. Main alternator to battery lead had chafed through and so was replaced.

2) All new engine tin primed and painted with caliper paint

3) Muffler heatshield sanded, primed and painted with caliper paint. Muffler straps replaced. Catalytic converter with 02 sensor welded on.

4) All new CVs, boots and axles in rear

5) Replacement of drivers side floor pan and sheet metal repair in driver's side wheel arch area

(Gotta love 3M autbody panel adhesive)

6) Replacement of fabricated bumpers with OEM rear and aftermarket front from donor van. Bumpers POR 15 on inside face and then spray rockerguarded to prevent corrosion. Bumper mounts powdercoated. Wetsanding, then polishing of rubber bumper strips. Bumper paint on all bumper end caps and replacement with all new mounting hardware. Removal, stripping and rockerguard spray on spare wheel carrier. Turn signal and license plate light contacts rust-removal and painted.

7) Removal of pinstripes and painting of radiator grilles, stripping and painting of windshield wiper arms. Temporary replacement hubcaps from donor van. Rust repair with body filler on rear valence finished with rockerguard spray. Some minor dent removal. Removal of passenger treasure chest door for hinge repair (blog entry to follow).

6) Syncro skid plate and driveshaft rails removed, sanded, POR 15 and rockerguard sprayed. Stainless hardware

8) Transmission fluid replaced with Redline MT80

9) Some POR 15 in interior of cab (next blog post)

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