Friday, July 24, 2009

Engine Clean-up

Engine bay with rockerguard on door, throughout interior and OEM bumper in place. Rubber matting is visible on the far side of the bay behind the wheel arch. (I'll be adding some photos of this side project in the future)

The engine bay after cleaning...a bit better

The engine bay before clean-up. Some accessories have already been removed. (Also note the heavy fabricated bumper the previous owner had installed; it's now been replaced with an OEM bumper from the 86 parts Vanagon)
The entire engine bay has been treated to a clean-up and painting. All hoses have been removed, inspected, cleaned, and replaced as necessary. All hoses were reinstalled with stainless hose clamps; the original clamps were very rusty.

In addition, the fuel injection system was redone. On it, all high pressure lines have been replaced and new clamps added.

The intake runners were cleaned and painted, as were all metal components with the exception of the fuel pressure valve (which is bugging me and will get done eventually).

The entire engine bay was sanded, treated with POR-15, then sprayed with paintable rockerguard. Heavy rubber matting was used to blank off behind wheel arches where the original paper dividers had been.

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