Saturday, February 19, 2011

wheel paint and rear slider window

I finally got around to painting the wheels. Simply removed the wheels, then scuffed and degreased them, then followed with a coat of zinc primer and a shot of Plasticoat wheel paint. I'm quite happy with the wheel paint. It went on with a bit of texture and looks ok for now. I probably should have washed the truck while I was at it :)
Started work on resizing the van sliders to fit the rear windows of the truck. Cutting the frame will be the easy part. The frame cuts will be made at the midway point along the fixed glass portion. As the fixed glass is then glued into the frame with sealant, the whole unit should maintain adequate structural integrity without welding.
The fixed portion of the glass is very close to the size found in the stock doka slider and so I won't need to have it cut at all. The sliding portion on the other hand will have to be remade to measure 34cm. I'll try having one made from tempered glass but may have to settle for lexan.

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