Friday, December 17, 2010

High power headlights and third brake light added

Short days and dark winter nights and so it was time for lighting upgrades....

Bought an LED light bar to serve as a third brake light. Third brake light wire runs behind the gates top (at bottom of photo) wooden slat. I routed a channel on the back side of the slat from the brake light to the hinged upright on the driver side. The wire runs along the route and exits at a hole drilled behind the upright, then down to the hinge where another hole was drilled through to access the vehicle wiring behind the drivers side tail light. At some point, I'm going to redrill the hole at the centre of the hinge so the wire won't be exposed at all. Finished by tapping onto the (black and red) wire at the tail light plug and it's good to go.

(note: a bit of a screw up resulted in to me having to separately ground the rear drop-side. The wire can be seen at far left in top photo. Initially, I was hoping that the new light would ground through the drop-side hinges. This didn't work because the drop-sides, when closed, sit up on rubber bumpers built into the drop-side hinges. These bumpers are designed to prevent rattling and also unfortunately serve to insulate the drop sides, preventing a good ground.)

Not much to show here. Added the Go Westy kit which included relays for the high and low beams (seen in the picture on the top right of the fuse box), high power Hella bulbs bulbs for both the high and low beams and new 20 amp fuses. A quick project which took about 30 minutes. The Go Westy kit directions make the project simple to follow. Headlights are now much brighter and the power to them no longer all runs through the previously overworked headlight switch. If you are doing this, make sure the ground contacts are very good or a lot of heat can build up.

Go Westy kit contents:

Also replaced all tail light bulbs with high power luxeon LED bulbs from Super Bright LED.
Oh yeah, and replaced a non-working reverse light switch on the transmission. I wonder how many people I freaked out in parking lots over the past year....

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