Monday, January 18, 2010

Truck Bed

Diamond plate temporarily propped in place:

Oak strips laid in place after rough cutting. These will be sanded and stained, then attached with countersunk stainless bolts. Front bulkhead is masked and ready for second coat of bedliner

Bedliner (Aerosol, and 5 cans on floor of box after aerosol surface prep):

After scuffing of surface and some oak strip laid in place. A rough idea of how it will look. My initial idea was to bolt a pine lamboard between the forward canopy posts. It can be seen propped in place:

Before (this was a work truck!). I'm thinking I'll spray the bedliner on the bulkhead, then partially cover it with a piece of diamond plate bolted between the canopy posts. There will still be a gap to allow air to circulate behind and under the plate preventing moisture being trapped:

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