Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rust Repair

Rear passenger side panel 9557602:
Passenger front step panel 9557322:

Started some rust repair work. The truck has the usual seam rust and a couple of spots on the rear quarter panels to be fixed up. As well, I've got new bodymetal for both the driver and passenger steps. I plan on opening up the side panels immediately below the bed of the box to cut out any rust and then seal the seams from the inside. When the metalwork is done, I'll paint it with POR-15 and then spray all inside surfaces with bed-liner to waterproof and seal.

Below: passenger step area which will be entirely replaced with a prefab panel. These get really rusty where water enters through the holes used to by the anchor tabs for the plastic pad. I've removed the pad and won't be replacing it again after the metal is fixed. Instead, I plan to weld over the holes and spray on some bedliner for the non slip material.

Below: the inside of the rear passenger side wheel well before the first cuts were made. Rust can be seen bleeding through the undercoating. This all has to go away :)

Below: the same area after some metal has been removed. Still a lot more to go. I've got replacement panels for both sides

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