Thursday, July 23, 2009

88 Volkswagen Double Cab

I'm starting a basic blog to record the work I'm doing on an 88 VW Syncro Double Cab (Doka). The truck is on its second engine and is essentially stock. When built, it was sold new with the optional rear differential lock, but other than that is very utilitarian, with manual steering and no air conditioning.

To date, I've done a bit of work since buying the truck in Nov of 2008 in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I'm the second owner of the truck and it was well used by the previous owner who was a logger. General maintenance had been kept up but the truck has started to show its years. My plan is to revitalize it with bodywork, paint and any mechanical work that it may require.
I've now got 3 Vanagon variants. The first is an 83.5 Westfalia, the second is the Doka in this blog, and now an 86 Syncro Vanagon that I've purchased for spares and parts for the Doka.

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  1. Cool truck. Looking forward to following your progress!